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Hon. Justice Josephine Oyefeso of the High Court of Lagos State has sentenced Mr. Lekan Shonde to death by hanging after finding him guilty of the murder of his wife, Mrs. Ronke Shonde.

In the judgment delivered rather symbolically on the 8th of March 2019, the day marked internationally as women’s day, the court found that the state had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. Relying heavily on the evidence of the pathologist, Dr. Shoyemi Shokunle, the court held that it was impossible for the deceased person to have inflicted the wounds including bruises on the cheek, blood collection in the brain, swelling of the brain as well as other injuries on herself.

On the defence of provocation put forward by the defendant, the court found that he was being economical with the truth. She stated that the degree of injuries as stated by the pathologist does not match the account of Mr. Shonde who had stated that he had only slapped his wife once. The court held that the violence used was in excess of that of a reasonable man.

Having found him guilty of murder, the Court proceeded to sentence him, under the provisions of Section 223 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, to death.